Future Self Hypnosis

Future Self Hypnosis

Clear authentic goals let your subconscious autopilot work for you. And clear goals create a basis for flow states, so you tap into peak performance and fulfilment. The hypnosis programs sold here are designed to help with many types of specific short term goals. This free download looks to the long term, because many peoples goals have three significant subconscious problems.

1) People set and achieve short term goals, but they are not aligned with their long term goals and ultimate purpose.

Of course no one does this on purpose. We think our short term and long term goals are aligned. But we may find out they are much later, because we didn’t really think and feel it through first. So we ask;

What do you want, and what do you think that will give you?

Money may appear to be a goal, something you want. But it’s what you think money can give you that matters, like a sense of achievement or security. Owning a house may appear to be a goal, but property ownership alone is only part of the way to creating what we really want, a home.

Think of the person trying to do what they think will make them or someone else happy. The partner making money to feel worthy and get love, when what their partner needs is more of their time and attention. The person trying to earn and buy their way to success, when, in excess they become mainly a consumer in the sales goals of persuasive companies. The adult trying to gain approval, by achieving goals set by their parents. The adult trying to achieve outdated goals set by their own younger self.

2) People set and achieve goals, but hardly even notice when they’ve been achieved. So we ask; 

What do you want, and how will you know when you have it?

I meet many people who feel ‘on hold’ in life, until their short term issue is resolved. Sometimes people subconsciously don’t want to acknowledge that they have achieved. Excess weight can be a good excuse not to move forward with relationships. Public speaking issues can be a good way of avoiding more responsibility.

It doesn’t have to be linear. We can focus on short term goals, and continue to move forward with the big picture, by really getting deeply how they are connected.

3) People set goals and achieve goals, but don’t feel real fulfilment. Instead, the feeling is more of…

a)  Relief or brief satisfaction. After many months or years of effort, there might be some hours or days of celebration. Then another goal has to be set, and another long wait for a short rush.

b) Emptiness. Churchill said history is “just one damn thing after another.” So you continually have to strive just to try to avoid emptiness. This can also apply to poorly conceived inauthentic needy goals.

c) Depletion. So you don’t feel like setting another goal.

In these three ways, goals become a way of keeping us out of the moment, always reaching for something what never really delivers. We may hardly consciously realise that it doesn’t really work - instead we try harder, using the same process, hoping, for a different result.

Instead, we can set goals we genuinely care about, so they help trigger flow states, that give us fulfilment and happiness in every step of the way. So we can be reminded that;

Goals are not a way to happiness, happiness is the way to the goal.

Recommended Use

You can use the free Future Self - Long Term Goals audio download;

1) Before your core hypnosis program, to connect your short term goals to your long term goals and ultimate purpose.

2) After your core hypnosis program so you know you have achieved your short term goals, and can feel good about moving towards more of what you focus on in future.

Which short term or long term goal you would like to focus on today?

Get your free download here now Future Self - Long Term Goals.


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