Past Life Regression - Preparation for a Hypnosis Guided Meditation Session

Past Life Regression - Preparation for a Hypnosis Guided Meditation Session

This blog and video is a practical tool to help you go into a Past Life Regression (PLR) session - and get a successful, healing result.

I’ll let you know what to expect, answer many of the initial questions people have and prepare you for many of the possible experiences that can come up
You’ll return to enjoy being more fully in the present moment.

This will help you go into sessions with a focus - so you have a clear outcome that can lead to a valuable result.

Past Life Regression - Insights download.

Past Life Regression - Resolutions download.

I am a Hypnotherapist and a certified Past Life Regression Therapist, which I studied for in India. I have since completed many hundreds past life regression sessions. I lived in India for over five years, where the concept of past lives is widely understood, and part of their cultural background.

Yet I have also found that many people without a personal belief in the literal existence of Past Lives can still have spontaneous past life experiences come up, and get benefits.

If you have the intention to explore past lives, all that’s required is an ability to follow the guided meditation with a relaxed, easygoing attitude, allowing whatever comes up to arise, and ultimately dissolve, as all things do.

- What are the objectives of Past Life Regression sessions? 

1) Gain insights into past lives that are most useful for your current situation.

2) Apply therapeutic resolutions to unhelpful influences from past lives.

3) Allow helpful past life influences benefit you more fully.

You’ll return to enjoy being more fully in the present moment as you progress towards your optimal future lives.

- Why Do A Past Life Regression Session?

1) Use as a therapeutic tool to resolve issues that are affecting you in this life. This is usually after you have worked directly on issues from this life, like healing issues from childhood and your younger self.

If this the issues are only partially resolved by working with issues from this life, your subconscious may indicate that it can heal issues even further back in time, to your past life self.

2) Gain personal spiritual insight. More about that soon. 

- What issues could you deal with in a PLR session?

You may have an specific defined issue you know about.

Or a collection of symptoms and questions but no clear idea of exactly what the issue is.

Therapeutic outcomes can be applied to mental, emotional or spiritual issues.

1) Mental or Mind

Insight into Mental Blocks, Limiting Beliefs, Obsessive Thoughts, Déjà Vu’s, Intuitions and Dreams.

Gain clarity for Career Crossroads or Life Turning Point decisions, and managing through Significant Life Changes.

Understand and overcome irrational fears and aversions, like phobias that did not have any trigger experiences from this life.

The mind body connection means this can have a physical affect on Chronic Pains, Breathing Issues and some otherwise inexplicable ‘syndromes’.

2) Emotional

Understand relationships through seeing repetitive patterns and the true source of strong emotions. So anger or conflict can transform to compassion and forgiveness.

Improve complex relationships with family members and significant life figures.

Break repetitive and damaging relationship patterns with romantic partners. 

Gain clarity on the reasons for connection to significant people in your life, seeing many layers of “Soul Mate” connection.

Releasing blocked our outdated energies, including Depression and Sadness after significant loss, so you can move on. 

3) Spiritual

Understand past life lessons, and how they relate to this life.

Reconnect with past talents and abilities, to bring them more into this life.

Disconnect from past pain and blocks, to be more free in this life.

Release fear of death, and an clinging to a limited sense of self.

Access your Higher Self and Spiritual Guides for clarity on your life purpose.

It’s best to have one specific issue in mind before enter into a program of sessions.

Once you’ve resolved your first priority issue you could deal with a different issue.

- How do I manage the sessions?

1) First listen to a Past Life Insights session a few times a week for a few weeks - or until you experience significant past life recall via seeing, feeling or knowing.

2) Then listen to a Past Life Resolutions session once you have a significant experience of past life recall, so you formally bring get closure and integrate your experience so you can move on.

If required, consider visiting a hypnotherapist who give personal guidance that can be complementary to these recorded sessions.

 - What is the experience of a Past Life session like?

We start with a relaxing hypnotic induction. The regression can be experienced in many ways according to the time and person. It’s a combination of degrees of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing.

 For some it’s like seeing scenes like a movie, for others it’s still images, or mainly of hearing words, or getting feelings or a sense of knowing.

There’s generally a degree of emotional detachment allowing a calm review and understanding of events. So people can say - “that’s me, but not me.”

So they can recall a past life story, yet remain aware of their present life story, and that they are safe in the present day. So even apparently unpleasant events can been seen through the perspective of a higher wisdom and deep peacefulness. 

- What can I expect during a Past Life Insights session?

You may find that it takes a number of sessions listening to Past Life Insights to fully develop a meaningful past life experience; it may go something like this;

* You may find the first sessions are simply deeply relaxing with a spacious sense of peacefulness, or drifting attention.

* Seemingly random images, symbols, metaphors, thoughts or feelings arise.

* The snapshots may then turn into a movie or other form of clearer insight, and include an emotional connection.

* Finally there’s a sense of things falling into place with an underlying knowing.

The insights and knowing alone may be all you need to resolve a particular issue. Some issues benefit most by completing the process of understanding and resolution.

- What can I expect during a Past Life Resolutions session?

This adds explicit resolution in more detail, as a therapeutic way to most deeply resolve the experiences from Past Life Insights.

It also creates the opportunity to reorientate towards future progression for your optimal future life or lives, completing closure and ultimately returning you fully and completely into the present moment with greater clarity and peace.

- Is Past Life Regression Safe For Me? 

Your subconscious mind as a strong tendency to protect you, and to only allow insights that you are able to handle and integrate now, even if it feels challenging.

 This is not intended to offer or replace health care. If you have a psychiatric condition or doubt consult a mental health professional before listening. 

- Will Past Life Regression Work For Me?

 Past life regression is not needed for all people at all times. If you don’t get a past life experience, this could be the best thing for you for now. We tend to get what we need when we need it, whether that fits with our expectations and desires or not.

You could still be capable a regression experience with a hypnotherapist or with the recording at a later date, especially at a time you have a more compelling issue to deal with.

You will still benefit from the extended session of deep, expansive relaxation, and from planting the seed of opening to universal experience and your personal inner wisdom. You may also find that with repeated use your ability to access those aspects of consciousness slowly but surely strengthens.

- How Can I Allow Myself to Go Deeper During The Regression?

1) Set a clear, written focus for your session, then drop all expectations or assumptions about what you want to or think you will experience.

2) Give yourself a totally unedited, totally unanalysed commentary of your stream of consciousness of what you actually experience, whatever that may be. Talking or whispering out loud can help this process. Speak as if you’re describing it to someone else who wants to know every detail, and is perfectly accepting.

3) Work with everything that arises, and know that you are always in control. Allow whatever comes full room to grow and develop without judgment – therefore there is no such thing as nonsense, or impossible or contradictory things arising. Let it come, grow, and become clear. Don’t judge and cut it off at the root and miss the clarification.

4) If you get stuck, give yourself instructions to move forward or backward to get more information. Experiment with your ability to modify images, thoughts or sensations for your benefit. Keep asking yourself questions, and wait for a part of you to answer.

5) If you get blank, just relax, don’t try to force it. Create a space for something to arise. Notice the type of blankness – if there’s darkness, look for a light switch or stars. If there’s a white out, notice if there are translucent figures or points of light that you can move towards. Return to your sanctuary, a previous scene, another route. Or just enjoy your spacious emptiness!

- What If I’ve Already Experienced a Form of Past Life Insight?

You may have already experienced spontaneous past life recall during a ’this life’ hypnosis regression, or as images in meditation. Maybe a guru or psychic who told you their perceptions of your past life. This program can let you continue with your own experience.

- Do I Have To Believe in Reincarnation?

No. What matters is allowing yourself subconscious to work beyond the critical conscious mind just enough to let images flow, and create a therapeutic solution.

You could take Past Life literally or see them has being symbolic. You can experience the whole process and still don’t have to decide one way or the other what you believe or create a fixed opinion either way.

In fact, past lives themselves are a relative term in the context of the ultimate reality which is beyond time and space, so anything that exists in time or duality is part of a lower level of truth – ultimate reality is most likely one of unity, indivisible infinity.

Your higher self is a source of immense wisdom and will guide and protect you, whether you’re aware of it or not. 

- What If I Recall Dying?

Past lives imply that there was a past death. And yet here you are, alive and well, enjoying an interesting experience, which points to a transcendent part of your being. By witnessing death and the transitory nature of the body and suffering you can overcome any fear of death, and carry that experience of calm acceptance and understanding into everyday life.

- What If I Recall Difficult Experiences or Pain?

You may already be experiencing difficult circumstances or pain in this life, due to unnecessary influences from past lives. If you were to recall difficult experiences or pain you could feel very grateful that you have successfully traced them to their root cause so you can be free of them once and for all.

The relaxing, wise and protecting hypnotic state means you are always in control, so you can float above the scene, seeing it through for your highest good. By staying with the event, you’ll come to experience it with an overall sense of acceptance, understanding and peacefulness.

Any physical pain or strong emotion is simply a message that you have discovered something of value. Continue to see it objectively, aware that your primary reality is this moment, reclining in this modern time.

Wait and watch the progression of sensation or emotion without resistance or judgment. If necessary you can say to yourself “I ask to move forward in time” or “I release this pain”.

Allow your mind to assist you with a helpful response or wording in the moment. You’ll discover that it will naturally flow from anything difficult to understanding, and can be a satisfying achievement.

You are also always able to simply take a few deep breaths and return to full waking consciousness. You may find that you are able to integrate the experience yourself later, and feel more able to handle the situation more fully and allow it to continue in a subsequent sessions.

You could also refer to a qualified hypnotherapist for assistance in understanding, integrating and benefiting from the experience, most likely as a blessing in disguise.

- How Can I Deal With Strong Emotions During a Regression?

You may spontaneously and passively receive a feeling or thought. But you have the power to decide how you feel about the feeling. You have the power to decide how you think about the thought - and interpret any thought in a way that makes you stronger.

You may experience a deep sadness. But you can decide to be happy about this sadness. If you had been stuck alternating between feelings of anger then fear then anger – congratulations, now you’ve broken out of the pattern and gone deeper. Since you’ve done this once, you can continue to experience new transitions and emotions. Sadness can then lead to empathy, understanding, exhaustion with the old cycle, motivation to do something new, relief, and peace. All thanks to your initial feeling of sadness.

You may experience moments of fear. These will pass, and can helpfully vivify the story you’re receiving that helps you move through and beyond fear. Ask yourself, if the fear had a message, what would it be? If the fear had an antidote, what would it be?

If you can, stay with the story and allow the fear to resolve therapeutically on it’s own. While it does that for you, you can focus your attention on breathing into your solar plexus, and holding your hands over your solar plexus. Fill your body with the quality of ‘antidote emotions’ such as understanding, forgiveness, acceptable, patience, resilience, compassion, love. You may give these qualities a color, like indigo or gold.

- What If I Feel Anxious About Doing a Regression?

 Look at any anxiety and see if you can discover an element of excitement. A worth-while adventure should stir you. It takes a worthy challenge in order to feel a deeply satisfied achievement.

There’s a natural human tendency to be afraid of the unknown, even if the known is frightening and the unknown is healing. Your fear may be keeping you stuck in fear, and preventing you from discovering how to overcome fear.

How do you feel about your fear? You can be happy to know that you have enough fear to bring a respectful, careful approach to the sessions. You can choose to allow only enough fear to protect you, but not so much that it prevents you from growing in self-knowledge and wisdom.

- Did I Imagine The Whole Thing?

This is a common feeling, even if people also say – ‘…even though I felt a strange emotional connection to that person / place / event.”

On one level, everything we think is ‘real’ is actually more accurately our perception or imagination of it. And it’s helpful to have to ask this question. It means that we didn’t lose track of our current reality. We weren’t overcome a physical or emotional event.

Even though it may seem like a dream in retrospect, notice in what ways the experience has allowed you to move past the ‘nightmares’ of being angry, unforgiving, self-loathing or stuck in repetitive, unhelpful limited thought patterns.

Continue to follow the program patiently and persistently to allow the insights to deepen and the therapeutic solution to be reinforced and accepted completely.

- What To Do After? How Can I Understand My Experiences More Deeply?

1) Write - your experiences after you session, in a matter-of-fact, non-judgmental way, without editing.

If you feel unsure about the meaning of some events or the whole session, don’t try to analyze or guess. Experiences from each session can be like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle that will come clear in latter sessions, or as you reflect naturally on the connections it has with similar patterns you barely notice in this life.

Let your mind relax and prepare itself for the next session at a subconscious level – let go of conscious analysis of a subconscious process.

Give conclusions and insights time to come. Continue with the process in an easy-going manner and may come to a point when you effortlessly know, or even transcend having to know but feel peaceful and at ease.

2) Read - books of regression therapists such as Dr Brian Weiss contain helpful case studies that detail the resolutions, interpretations and lesson of a wide variety of past life experiences. Let your experiences stimulate you to discover your own areas of interest. Refer to the worlds wisdom texts to integrate your experiential ineffable knowing with written universal truths.

C) Talk - with a hypnotherapist or spiritual guide - and with yourself. Your inner wisdom grows when you give it time and space to arise; give it credit and trust to let it guide you.

 - Questions to ask yourself before your PLR session.  

What specific issue would you like to deal with?

Think about, and feel, a time in the recent past when that issue affected you.

What future benefits could get if this was resolved?


Past Life Regression - Insights download.

Past Life Regression - Resolutions download.


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