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The Free Hypnosis Program is a collection of four hypnosis downloads, on various aspects of hypnosis. Together they make a complete audio MP3 program to support your core hypnosis program. Includes 1) Future Self Hypnosis 2) Hypnosis For Flow States 3) Progressive Muscle Relaxation 4) Relaxation Inspiration. For one minute audio samples, go to the individual download pages listed below. Instead of going through multiple checkouts and downloads, get all four downloads free with one checkout and download.

1) Future Self Hypnosis

Clear authentic goals let your subconscious autopilot work for you. Clear goals create a basis for flow states, so you tap into peak performance and fulfilment. 

The hypnosis programs sold here are designed to help with many types of specific short term goals. This free download looks to the long term, because many peoples goals have three significant subconscious problems, which are... Read more on the individual product page.

2) Hypnosis For Flow States

Hypnosis and flow are both states of consciousness that everyone enters accidentally, sometimes. Hypnosis and flow are both states that everyone would benefit from being able to enter intentionally, more of the time.

This download is focused on using;
1) Use hypnosis to enhance your ability to access flow states.
2) Use flow to enhance your performance in activities that are relevant to you.
Read more on the individual product page.

3) Progressive Muscle Relaxation - PMR

Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique from psychology, that can be adapted to form part of a hypnotic induction. It focuses on instructions to tense and relax muscles in the body. It is suitable for people who can be centred in their body like athletes. It's simplicity also suits more scientific types whose mental activity might otherwise over-analyse or attempt to critique more complex instructions.

You can relax muscles more by first tensing the muscles. If you have any injuries or pain in a part of your body don’t tense that area, just breath and mentally release. You can tense the muscles with energy, but not excess strain.

4) Relaxation Inspiration

We can be more effective and healthy if we take a skilful time out. This free download is a chance to switch off consciously for refreshing relaxation, and to switch on your powerful subconscious for inspiration. It is suitable for people who prefer more mental stimulation, and are more artistic types who enjoy using their imagination. More physical or analytical people may prefer the style of free Progressive Muscle Relaxation download.

Creative ideas and solutions often come to us when we stop trying to think consciously, and take a skilful break that clear the way for creative ideas from your subconscious. The scientist Archimedes had his famous spontaneous ‘Eureka’ breakthrough not at his desk, but while relaxing in the bath. The inventor Edison had lightbulb breakthroughs by scheduling time for not thinking, and waiting for ideas to come up.

What personal or professional issue would you like to take a break from, then be able to come back refreshed with a fresh creative insight?

How To Use

Four Week Program. Suggested usage; listen to each title five times per week for one week, in this order;
1) Progressive Muscle Relaxation 
2) Future Self Hypnosis 
3) Relaxation Inspiration
4) Hypnosis For Flow States

Listen to the Long Version of each title for the first three times.
Listen to the Short or Long Version for the next two times.

For more instructions see our FAQ's.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try our downloads with confidence, and without financial risk. We offer a full 90 day money back guarantee - see our Refund Policy.


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Purchase Process - Instant Download

After you checkout, you go straight to our site's download page for instant download. No waiting for an email. We do send an email with your purchase details, and a link to your download page as a back up. You have unlimited downloads of your product.

To Mac or PC

Downloads are a single zip file. They contain a Long and Short version of each download. And a one page PDF file of Instructions. We recommend downloading the zip file to a PC or Mac first. Then transfer or sync the MP3 files onto your various devices.

To iPhone or Android

It is possible to download and access a a zip file directly to a smartphone or tablet, if you use an extraction app. 
Apple: apps like "iZip" or "WinZip" from the iTunes store.
Android: apps like "ES File Explorer" or "WinZip" from the Google Play store.

System Trial With Free Downloads

Check our purchase and delivery systems, and your file extraction. You will get a trial run of the customer experience, and a free mp3 to see if this style is for you. No need for payment information, billing details, subscription or registration.

Choose a free hypnosis download, click 'Add to Cart', go through to 'Checkout' and 'Continue to payment method' - you will get the message "Your order is free. No payment is required."

Click 'Complete order' and you get an order confirmation page, with a 'Download Now' button. The Free Hypnosis MP3s vary from 10mb to 48mb. Free Hypnosis download.

Trail Of Zip Files

To test if you can extract, sync and transfer zip files, without going through checkout, here is a direct download link to a small 1.1mb trial zip file - Free 
It contains;
a) one minute Relaxation Inspiration.mp3 sample, and 
b) one page

CD & App Version

We no longer support CD versions, MP3 download only.
An app version is in development.

Lost or Deleted Downloads

There is no limit the number of times you can download a product. If you lose a download with a device, a crash or accidental deletion, go back to your download page from your email link, or contact us for a replacement.

Any Issue Accessing Downloads

If you have technical issues unzipping the file, or syncing to your devices, email us at

Give us your full name and the products you purchased. 
We can then;
a) send you links to two individual mp3 files.
b) give us your Dropbox details, and we can drop them there for you.

The zip file is an instant download, guaranteed. If you have technical issues, we can provide this back up support, though it may take up to 48 hours.

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