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The Sleep Program is a collection of three hypnosis downloads, on various aspects of sleeping. Together they make a complete audio MP3 program to sleep well. Includes 1) Fall Asleep 2) Get Back To Sleep 3) Insomnia. For one minute audio samples, go to the individual download pages listed below. Buy all three together for a significant discount.

1) Insomnia

Has lack of enough sleep become a chronic established habit? Do you feel tired even after eight hours of low quality sleep, so you are not refreshed? Is sleep a source of pain or frustration - instead of being a refreshing pleasure to enjoy and feel good about? 

The Sleep - Insomnia hypnosis download helps you reconnect with your true abilities to sleep well. And acknowledges and clear the affects of past difficulties with sleep. It then lets you program your mind for the hours of sleep that suit you best. 

You can regain control as sleep moves from a source of pain to pleasure. You don't have to live without deep refreshing sleep. You can establish new habits and sleep soundly, stay asleep, go back to sleep and awake refreshed ready for your day and your life.

2) Fall Asleep

Do you have difficulty going to sleep? Do you find it hard to switch your brain off when you get good ideas - but at the wrong time? Is sleep a source of pain or frustration - instead of being a refreshing pleasure to enjoy and feel good about? 

Hypnosis is perfect for sleep issue, because your sleep is function of the subconscious mind. The harder you try (consciously) to fall asleep, the more you stay awake. The more you relax conscious effort or judgement, and allow your subconscious ability to sleep to come up, the more sleep becomes easy, effortless and refreshing.

3) Get Back To Sleep

Do you wake up unnecessarily, then go back to sleep? Do you wake up too early, then can’t get back to sleep? Do you have nightmares or anxiety in sleep that it's hard to address in the waking world? Is sleep a source of pain or frustration - instead of being a refreshing pleasure to enjoy and feel good about? 

You can break old habits, and install more helpful sleep patterns. So your subconscious mind can get the message that it does not need to wake you up before time. 

The Fall Asleep and Insomnia downloads are designed for listening in the morning or evening. The Get Back To Sleep download is for use in the middle of the night, when there is time to get back to sleep. The recordings are shorter than usual because the quicker you get back to sleep the better. 

Hypnosis is perfect for sleep issue, because your sleep is function of the subconscious mind. Sleep habits were installed in your subconscious mind, so now you can use hypnotic tools that speak the language of the subconscious mind, to sleep easier.

A fundamental basis for success in all areas

Good quality sleep when you need it is important and impactful on all other areas of life. If you are not sleeping right, it makes all your other goals more difficult. So these sleep downloads can be an important supporting complementary program for other hypnosis downloads, like weight, stress, breaking habits, confidence, anxiety. A well rested body and mind is better equipped to progress in all areas of life.

How To Use

Three Week Program. Suggested usage; listen in this order;
1) Insomnia - Listen in the early morning, day or early evening, five to seven times per week for three weeks.
2) Fall Asleep - Listen in the late evening as you go to sleep, five to seven times per week for three weeks.
3) Get Back To Sleep - Listen if you wake up in the night, or wake up too early and want to go back to sleep.

Listen to the Long Version of each title for the first three times.
Listen to the Short or Long Version for the next times.

For more instructions see our FAQ's.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try our downloads with confidence, and without financial risk. We offer a full 90 day money back guarantee - see our Refund Policy.

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