How Do I Use The Hypnosis Downloads?

Listen around five times per week for around three weeks. This is an average guideline. Some enjoy listening daily for a month. Some have the transformation they need in days. Your powerful subconscious is capable of breakthroughs on varying schedules.

How Do I Use The Long & Short Versions?

1) Listen to the Long Version for the first three times. 2) Listen to the Short Version for the next two times. 3) For the next two weeks, you can alternate and choose either the Long or Short Version based on your preference and sense of what is best for you.

Which Is Best - the Long or Short Version?

Having a choice is best. Some people will choose to listen mainly to the Long Version. Some people, mainly the Short Version. Different people find different lengths best for them, and this can change with time. So we provide flexibility and choice to respect your time, and your progress over the three week program. All we say is, it's best to start with the Long Version the first three times. After that, it's up to you, you will know.

Why Are There Long & Short Versions?

The Long Version gives more induction, instruction and detail - throughout the whole recording, so you get the full picture. When you get to the Short Version, you only need to hear a sketch to get the full picture. It is an edited version of the long version, not by simply cutting sections off the beginning or end, but a crafted design throughout the whole recording. So you can be triggered to have the same complete effective response, in a more time efficient way.

When Is The Best Time To Listen?

At night, aim to finish your sessions ten minutes before you go to bed. OR In the morning, start ten minutes after you wake up. OR Any other time you get a chance, that suits you.

Can I Listen More Or Less?

Yes. Some people tell me they listen every day, even twice a day for months. I tell them this is really much more than required, but they say they enjoy it. Some people tell me they only listened to the download once or twice, yet had a breakthrough and transformation they needed, so they didn't need to listen again.

Do I Have To Listen Every Day?

No. You can listen daily, but around five times per week is as effective. "Must listen daily" can create a false time pressure on people, so if they miss a day they may subconsciously say to themselves "I messed up, since I didn't follow the instructions it won't work". You can take it easy, you have a powerful subconscious that will work with you, in many circumstances. Missing a day here or there is not a problem. So we don't set a schedule that could seem to create a problem.

Do You Offer Alternative 'Night' and 'Day' endings?

No. Even if you listen just before going to sleep, we prefer to give ending instructions to come back awake and alert. This increases the chance of staying in hypnotic awareness for the full recording. You can then easily go to sleep ten minutes later. Sleep is not hypnosis, so if you go into sleep before the recording ends, you go out of hypnosis.

Is It A Problem If I Go To Sleep?

No, it is not harmful, but it is not nearly as beneficial as maintaining some form of hypnotic awareness. We are not proponents of 'subliminal' or 'while sleeping' "hypnosis", as studies don't support these techniques in comparison to the Hypnotherapy & NLP based model of hypnosis.

What If I Regularly Go To Sleep During Sessions?

1) Change your listening location, away from a bed, to a place you can recline at a more upright position. 2) Make your listening start time earlier in the evening, say just after work, instead of just before bed. 3) Change your listening time to the morning. 4) Choose a place like a sofa where you can recline comfortably at around a 30 degree angle. Avoid lying flat, or using a bed, due to the associations with sleep. If you have to use a bed, lay sideways, propped up at an angle. 5) If you had been sleep deprived, catch up on your sleep.

Can I Listen To Multiple Downloads?

Yes, sometimes. Often it's best to focus on the one download for the three week period. However, some programs are highly complementary. For example, you might listen to the 'Alcohol Reduction' recording when you get back from work instead of having a drink, and then 'Fall Asleep' before bed, instead of 'passing out'. Many downloads on subjects like weight, anxiety or confidence have highly complementary crossovers, if you have the time to listen to multiple recordings.

How Should I Listen To Multiple Recordings?

You should identify one Core recording, and one Supporting recording. Listen to your Core recording 4-5 times per week, and give it priority. Use your Supporting recording 1-5 times per week, as you have the time. You could listen to these side by side during the three weeks. Or have three weeks focusing on one download, then the next three weeks focusing on the next download.

How Do I Know If Multiple Downloads Fit?

A Supporting download will address one aspect of the Core download. For example, 'Emotional Eating' and 'Think Thin' work well together, when you know it's mainly Emotional, but has a Thought component. But if you want to stop smoking and lose weight, it's probably best to spend three weeks on stop smoking first, then move on to weight loss.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a way of guiding your ongoing subconscious processes, so they work for your new goals. We can tell the subconscious what to do now. And we can ask it's inner wisdom to give insights on how best to do that. Your subconscious runs our inner patterns, so it is key to breaking old patterns of behaviour, thought and emotion, and making the new ones you consciously choose. These downloads speak the language of your subconscious mind, to get it to work for you.

Can I Be Hypnotised?

Yes. Everyone can have their own experience of hypnosis, and access their own subconscious mind. We all experience spontaneous hypnotic states daily, naturally. For example, we often go into a form of 'highway hypnosis' when we drive a car, with our subconscious auto-pilot. We can drift into a daydream, while still effectively driving the car. Sometimes we can even drive to an old habitual destination accidentally. These downloads are a way of skilfully accessing that natural ability, so we consciously choose our new destination, our goals, and use our auto-pilot to get there more easily. Find a voice you find some rapport with, and decide to experience hypnosis, and you will.

The Old Myths

1) You don't lose control. You gain access and influence over a level of your mind. 2) You can't be forced to do something you don't want to do. You can convince your mind to stop doing the things it is already doing, which you no longer want to do. 2) You don't lose consciousness. You can retain a form of awareness, like being half asleep and remembering a dream, or daydreaming. 4) You don't 'go under' or 'blank out' and have no memory. You might lose track of time and every detail, but you can still usually recall much of the experience. 5) I'm too smart to be hypnotised. It's the opposite, very low IQ people are the slowest, the higher the IQ the better for hypnosis. 6) It's not contradictory to any religion or science. It was largely brought into the modern age by psychiatrist doctors and psychologists of faith. Scientific studies repeatedly show the effectiveness of hypnosis when used appropriately for everyday issues that relate to the subconscious mind.

Who Is Mark Beale?

Mark Beale is a trainer of hypnotherapy with the world's largest body, the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), teaching it's certification course. Mark is also a Master Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), so he trains and certifies people as NLP Practitioner, NLP Master and NLP Trainer. Mark has over a decade of full time practice as a hypnotherapist in private practice and as a consultant in world class health resorts, and over five years as a trainer. Prior, Mark earned a Finance degree and had a decade in financial markets, before his meditation practice lead him into hypnosis and hypnotherapy studies mainly in Delhi, India and Florida, USA.

What Style Of Hypnosis Is This?

Mark emphasises Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques in these downloads. This is in contrast to say, simple Direct Suggestion only - this can also be effective, but it is not our style. For example, we use suggestion And safe for download variations of the NLP Fast Phobia technique, and variations of Time Line or Age Regression principles to make significant breakthroughs.

"Will This Work For Me?...

...I tried others and they didn't seem to work so well". Some styles work better for some than others. Many hypnosis downloads are a 'Direct Suggestion' style. If you've tried those, this may be different and better for you. If not, we offer a 90 day full refund - see our Refund Policy. So you can try our downloads without financial risk, to see if they are a good fit for you. You can only really know if you try for yourself.

Any More Questions?

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