Training Break 2017

We are taking a break from live training in 2017, to develop deep, unique resources to support our graduates. We see comprehensive video and audio companions, as the next-level future of hypnotherapy training in an increasingly digital age. We are now investing in creating this new vision.

We aim to be back with live trainings in 2018. You can contact us prior to check if your 1) background, 2) goals, 3) motivations’ and 4) future outcomes are suited to our style of hypnotherapy training.

NGH Hypnotherapy Certification

This course holds the key to the power of your subconscious mind. The internationally recognized NGH Hypnotherapy Certification is the world standard basis to become a Hypnotherapist. It is also full of tools and insights for personal development of yourself and others. Since NLP is a model of Hypnosis and Therapies - to be great at NLP requires a solid understanding of Hypnotherapy.

Since the subconscious has such powerful and wide ranging applications, people who take this course often have multiple areas of interest;

1) Professional / Peak Performance; business orientated people often bring a frame that sees this as a "Subconscious Coaching" course. This includes; Executive Coaches, Corporate Trainers, Managers, Owners, HR executives. It lets them get to the heart of emotions and limiting beliefs that affect their clients, staff, customers and their own professional self and personal development.

2) Therapeutic / Healthcare; healing orientated people often bring a frame that sees this as a 'practical psychology or even accessing the holistic wisdom' course. This includes Therapists, Healers, Health Care. Many also find that on this course they find themselves experiencing a 'healing of the healer.' Often the nest step in fully healing oneself is to heal others.

Gain certification for a new profession, add to your current related skills, or explore options while you gain deep personal development. Help your clients and staff to make deep lasting change, Add tools, techniques and insights to your style of working with people. Get the most out of your NLP.

Hypnotherapy Course Benefits

Communication; learn the language of the subconscious mind.
Precision; with Linguistics to Program the mind, as you intend.
Connection; to an inner state of deep calm, clarity and peace.
New Modality; offer your clients new ways to get new results.
Relationships; a primary application of hypnotherapy.
Personal development; clarity on life transitions and life purpose.

People Who Attend Are;

Coaches; Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Peak Performance.
Trainers; Corporate, Wellness, Independent, Leadership.
Professionals; in HR, Marketing, CEO's, Managers, Sales.
Healthcare; Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Psychologists, Healers.
Education; Teachers, PhD Professors, Administrators.
Personal Development
; anyone interested in helping self & others. 

Hypnotherapy Course Outline

Part One - Three Days

Definition, history and overview of hypnosis.
• How to describe and explain hypnosis to clients.
• How to give a pre-talk to prepare clients for hypnosis.

• How hypnosis works.
• The conscious mind and the subconscious mind.
• Addressing fears and hesitancy.
• What is hypnosis, and what is not hypnosis.
• Myths and misconceptions about hypnosis.
• Hypnosis and meditation.
• Hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis.
• Everyday hypnosis. Alpha & hypnagogic states.
• The power of suggestion.

Client Preparation
• Client interviews to start sessions.
• Client evaluation and rapport building.
• Obtaining full client cooperation and buy-in.
• Susceptibility and representational type observation.
• Goal setting and benchmarking with the client.
• Questions to ask the client. 

Hypnotic inductions
• Types of hypnotic inductions
• Suggestibility testing with practical exercises.
• Authoritarian and permissive inductions
• Dave Elman induction
• Progressive relaxation inductions
• Instant inductions
• Numerous induction variations to practice in class.

Testing Hypnotic States
• Indicators of hypnosis 

    Part Two - Four Days

    Testing Hypnotic States
    Testing using Aron's six-stage depth testing
    • Eyelid & Arm catalepsy
    • Number amnesia
    • Analgesia
    • Positive & Negative hallucinations

    Deepening Hypnosis
    • Fractionation
    • Staircase, imagery, metaphor and therapeutic deepeners
    • Ideomotor signaling of finger signals to communicate.

    Using Hypnotic States
    • Directed and non directed regression.
    • Using neutral non leading language in regressions.
    • Regress to cause.
    • The affect bridge technique.
    • Managing abreactions.
    • Parts mediation for secondary gain and inner conflict.
    • Forgiveness and inner child therapy.

    More Using Hypnotic States
    • The five laws of suggestion.
    • Use of scripts and improvisation.
    • Direct and indirect suggestion.
    • Embedded suggestions and metaphor.
    • Compounding suggestions.
    • Post-hypnotic suggestion.

    Therapeutic Techniques
    • Age regression introduction.

    Common Applications of Hypnosis
    • Smoking cessation
    • Weight loss
    • Stress management
    • Fears and phobias
    • Worries and anxieties

    Part Three - Three Days

    Common Applications of Hypnosis
    • Habit control
    • Pain control
    • Public Speaking & Stage fright
    • Social confidence
    • Impotence and frigidity
    • Motivation and concentration
    • Stuttering
    • Sports & Exam performance
    • Creativity
    • Sleep and insomnia
    • Past life regression

    Introduction to NLP
    • Representational systems, Reframing
    • Anchoring, triggers and collapsing anchors
    • The meta model 

    Ericksonian hypnosis
    • Conversational and waking hypnosis
    • The Milton model and language patterns
    • Metaphors and storytelling
    • Practicing and teaching self-hypnosis.
    • Artful vagueness and ambiguity

    Session Completion & Follow Up
    • Emerging a client
    • Post session interview
    • Structure a session and series of sessions. 

    Professional ethics
    • NGH code of ethics
    • Scope of practice 

    The post course requirements.
    • Pass National Guild of Hypnotists' examination
    • Submit cases studies of cases
    • Complete required reading assignments 

    How to run a hypnosis practice 


    NGH Hypnotherapy Certification Training

    During the training you will live and breath the power of your subconscious mind. You will experience hypnosis yourself, and you will hypnotize others during the course. Your competence and confidence in the techniques of hypnosis will gain vast positive momentum. The experience will transform your perspective on the potential of your own subconscious mind - and your ability to help others with their subconscious mind.

    The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

    Influencing others at a deep level, can be a key edge in business. Gain valuable mind power skills to assist and amplify your professional goals and personal growth. Go beyond the ordinary for breakthroughs to an extraordinary life.
    * Learn the 'magic' of hypnotic states, and how to use waking hypnotic states in business. Conversational hypnosis is skillful communication for effective results - in a persuasive and personable way.
    * Take your NLP interest to the next level. NLP is a model of Hypnosis and Therapies. By going to the source you can finally gain the full subconscious competence and mastery of these tools & techniques.
    * Access creative wisdom, motivation, confidence, strength and energy in yourself and others.
    * You will be able to immediately use your new skills to help your clients or staff to make deep lasting change, to overcome blocks and move ahead with calm, clarity, confidence and ease.

    A Life Changing Experience. You will gain:

    1) a deep experiential understanding of hypnotherapy, hypnosis and the tools to take action. You can put what you learn into practice during and after the course.
    2) a professional qualification that entitles you to practice professionally, competently, confidently and ethically. You will be empowered to help the people who have a strong need and desire to find talented people like you, that have mastered deeply effective techniques and insights that utilize the power of the subconscious mind.
    3) a rich and rewarding personal experience with like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds that can create lifelong connections and life changing breakthroughs. You will join a community of people with the ability to act compassionately and skillfully.
    4) an ability to recognize when it may be appropriate and helpful to bypass the conscious mind to gain insights and apply a therapeutic solution with the assistance of the subconscious mind. The subconscious is influential in a vast range of symptoms and applications - where your focus will be is up to you.

    Training Style

    1) Instruction; tell how and why it’s done.
    2) Demonstration; The instructor shows how every important technique is done, by working with a volunteer in front of the class.
    3) Regular Activities; It’s your turn. Form groups of 2-3 people, and do it yourself. The instructor and assistant provide feedback and assistance.
    4) Question & Answer; after the Activities, so questions become based on experience, not to delay action, theorize or make half-formed comparisons.
    5) Group Exercises; to program learning’s into your subconscious, and connect with the group.

    Subconscious Coaching: Case Examples

    1) Helping people with a fears of public speaking, presentations, contributing in meetings or dealing with senior managers or important clients.

    2) Staff with limiting beliefs about peoples ability to achieve - that are not true, but become self-fulfilling prophecies. So they stay just barely achieving their minimum targets instead of proactively aiming for excellence.

    3) Clients or staff you coach or manage, who become emotional during your sessions or meetings, even coming close to tears or tearful, with sadness, grief, freezing up in fear, or constant nagging worry. You may even know it's cause and have an idea of what the solution is - but feeling you know or saying the answer intellectually doesn't make the difference.

    4) Clients or staff you coach or manage, who make some positive changes in the short term, but soon return to their old patterns. So once the initial enthusiasm or hope wears off, there isn't nearly as much of a lasting positive change as you would like.

    5) People who are doing okay, but stuck in an ultimately unsatisfying 'comfort zone'. They know they would benefit from a Subconscious Coach to get the maximum results, just as they use a Personal Trainer in the gym to really make progress.

    6) People who would like to go into business for themselves, or to enter a new business area, but hesitate to do so when the challenging time comes and full courage and confidence is needed.

    7) Professionals who recognize that when you Do make lasting positive change, ongoing success creates ongoing new higher levels of ongoing challenge and reward. Success breeds success, and involves continuing investment on yourself and continuing dividends financially and in fully living your potential and life purpose.


    "As an educator with 20 years’ experience, I was impressed by the professional result orientated approach, and the enlightening holistic vision. It's the best value for money I've spent on a training course for decades." -  University Teacher

    "I recommend the course for people interested in personal development, in corporate life or spiritual life." - MBA, Yoga Teacher & Healer

    "Hi Mark, Thanks for excellent course. I can't expect nothing more! Hypnotherapy has helped me understand myself better, and made me more capable to help other people, understand people's behaviors and communicate better. - Businessman, Fitness Trainer

    "Mark is an amazing teacher. He really understands the language of the subconscious mind very deeply." - Hedge Funds Sales