Training Break 2017

We are taking a break from live training in 2017, to develop deep, unique resources to support our graduates. We see comprehensive video and audio companions, especially after training, as being the next-level future of NLP and hypnosis training, in an increasingly digital age. We are now investing in creating this new vision.

We aim to be back with live trainings in 2018. You can contact us prior to check if your 1) background, 2) goals, 3) motivations’ and 4) future outcomes are suited to our style of NLP training.

NLP Training Style

Our efficient and effective five day training gives you tools you can use in daily life, personally and professionally. We focus on demonstrations, pairs practice and giving personal feedback.

Our Focus is on;
1) Sharing expert experience, and creating experiences to learn.
2) Smaller select groups with deep personal attention.
3) Real world practical results above lengthy theory.
4) Breakthrough life experiences and enduring friendships.

Course Objectives are;
1) Learn the core techniques and tools of NLP. Understand how to apply them for the benefit of yourself and others.
2) Apply NLP to your key areas of interest in your Personal Development, Professional Life, Personal and Emotional Life, Relationships, Finances and Health
3) Gain certification - and lifelong skills. Customised and use NLP principles to fulfill you own life purpose.

NLP Course Benefits

Communication; learn new styles for understanding and influence.
Precision; hear what people are really saying. Be heard as you intend.
Connection; relaxed rapport with others, and confidence with yourself.
Decision Making; clarity to envision. Motivation & passion for action.
Relationships; hear, see and feel things in new better ways.
Personal development; clarity on life transitions and life purpose.

People Who Attend Are;

Coaches; Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Peak Performance.
Trainers; Corporate, Wellness, Independent, Leadership.
Professionals; in HR, Marketing, CEO's, Managers, Sales.
Healthcare; Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Psychologists, Healers.
Education; Teachers, PhD Professors, Administrators.
Personal Development; anyone interested in helping self & others.

NLP Practitioner Course Outline

Day 1; FOUNDATIONS - How We Experience The World
* An NLP Story. How the training works.
* Our stories; introductions, getting to know each other.
* Group experience of NLP.
* What is NLP? The Four Pillars of NLP.
* Representational Systems.
* Learning your Representational System Preferences. Activity.
* Working with other peoples Preferences. Activity.
* Submodalities, understanding and changing. Activity.
* Eye Accessing Cues. Activity.

Day 2; CONNECTIONS - How We Communicate With Each Other
* Rapport - naturally occurring. Class activity.
* Matching Verbally & Non-Verbally. Activity.
* Matching & Mismatching. Activity.
* Presuppositions of NLP.
* Presuppositions you can adopt each day. Activity.
* Circles of Excellence. Accessing your personal strengths.
* Managing your state of being - when you need it. Activity.
* Meta-Program Strategies introduction.
* Sensory Perceptual Strategies.
* Eliciting Full Sensory Perceptual Strategies. Activity.

Day 3; DISCUSSIONS - What we Hear and Feel With Each Other

* Meta Model; what, why and how we can gather information.
* Meta Model Patterns to use daily. Role plays. Activity.
* Meta Model in relation to the Milton Model.
* Pacing and Leading. Asking the right questions.
* Well Formed Outcomes. Activity.
* Association & Disassociation. Activity.
* Perceptual Positions. Activity.
* Anchoring - Five key elements.
* Anchoring - Steps, Creating your anchors. Activity.
* Stacking Anchors - double the power. Activity.

Day 4; ACTIONS - Proactive Influence of Ourself and Others
* Anchoring varieties of states. Activity.
* Chaining Anchors. Activity.
* Collapsing Anchors. Activity.
* Change Personal History - working with emotional memories. Activity.
* Re-Parenting - helping the inner young self. Activity.
* Swish Patterns Activity.
* Sub-modality Mapping - Confusion to Understanding.

Day 5; BREAKTHROUGHS - Using Techniques To Open New Worlds

* Working with Strong Emotions or Limiting Beliefs.
* Double Dissociation & Fast Rewind.
* Fast Phobia Cure - for Fears & Trauma. Activity.
* Mend A Broken Heart. Activity.
* Working with Dilemmas, Contradictions and Decisions.
* Visual Squash - Parts Integration. Activity.
* Certification Exam.
* Choose Your Favorite Technique - review and master.
* Mentoring with the Trainer on how to use NLP after the course.

NLP Master Practitioner

Building on the foundation of the NLP Basic, we go deeper into coaching and therapeutic techniques. Learn to use a series of tools together. Have powerful influence, directly and indirectly. Become elegant and masterful in your NLP.

The Master Practitioner course is focused the words that change minds, the true language of subconscious influence. You will learn the powerful filters people use to make sense of their experience and master the tools of working with these filters.

The focus is building on the insights from the Basic, refreshing those skills with advanced versions of familiar tools, and introducing an entire new set of tools you can use immediately in every area of life. We work closely with you to apply the skills to your specific outcomes.

Our core NLP course do not include days spent on;
1) Hypnosis – some courses add 1 to 3 days.
2) Time Line Therapy – some courses add 1 to 3 days.
3) Sales and Negotiation – some courses add 1/2-2 days.

We respect your time, money, goals and desired outcomes. If you would like to study Hypnosis, Therapy and Sales to a specific professional level, we offer specialist courses - Hypnotherapy, 10 days and NLP For Sales, 3 days. So our core NLP training delivers no less, and no more, than most people want. We are focused, fair, effective and time & money efficient.

Many NLP Master Practitioner courses spend a lot of class time on the Milton Model of Hypnotic Language Patterns. We cover Milton Model in class, but find after-course exercises more efficient, and enough for NLP. We find it more appropriate to cover Milton Model deeply in our specialist Hypnotherapy training. 

NLP Master Course Outline

DAY 1; DEEP STRUCTURE – Who Are We? Who Will We Be?
◦ An NLP Story. The power of Stories & Metaphors.
Meta Programs; ways peoples make choices.
Decision Strategies; their VAK structure.
Strategies of; Major Purchase, Life Change, Love
◦ Sensory Perceptual Strategies – for Motivation.
Logical Levels; deep goal & purpose alignment.
◦ Eliciting ‘Values’ and ‘Core Beliefs’.
◦ Chunking up to ‘Identity’ level issues.
Modeling; discovering the structure of excellence.
◦ Teaching the secrets of Peak Performers to all.

DAY 2; LINGUISTICS – The Structure of Linguistic Magic
Milton Model; subtle magic of sleight of mouth.
◦ Milton Language Patterns; install your top ten.
◦ Hypnotic Conversation; indirect, artfully vague.
Reframing; context, content – and the Pre-frame.
◦ Frames; What If? Purpose. Agreement.
Therapeutic Metaphor; using their imagination.
◦ Story Telling; general, crafted for specific results.
New Behavior Generator 1; explore your model.
◦ New Behavior Generator 2; ingrain your model.

DAY 3; THE MIGHTY WORD - Expression for Maximum Effect
Metaphor Modeling; using subconscious non/verbal information most people miss.
Personal Trance Words, Power & Magic Words.
◦ Commands, Embedding and Quoting.
Milton Language Patterns; find more favorites.
◦ Waking Hypnosis; covert tools, nested loops.
The Meta Mirror; how to explore a relationship. ◦ Handling Criticism; and keeping useful feedback
Godiva Chocolate Pattern; Bandler’s fun anchor

DAY 4; ADVANCED VERSIONS – From Mastering Basics to Mastery
Anchoring; Sliding anchors, Kinesthetic Spin.
◦ Control your own "hot" buttons while doing NLP.
Submodality Mapping; Belief System shifts.
Truth to Lie. Like to Dislike.
Time Distortion; relativity affect.
◦ Change Your Internal Clock.
Collapsing Anchors; advanced.
◦ Time Line therapy; approaches to significant past events.

DAY 5; BRINGING IT TOGETHER – Integrated NLP in Action
◦ Hypnosis; rapid inductions to embed insights.
◦ Hypnotic language patterns; for ongoing trance.
◦ Auto Pilot to Success
◦ Accelerated Fast Track to Moving Forward.
◦ Eyes of Love; keys to self-appreciation.
◦ Future Pacing; for a compelling long term future.
◦ Certification Exam.
◦ Review and master Your Favorite Technique
◦ Mentoring on how to use NLP after the course. 

NLP Training Videos

NLP Training videos are included for after the course, for your ongoing learning.
Here we have two excerpts from the NLP Basic Practitioner with Mark Beale.
Watch the NLP videos closely, and follow the steps that make rapid, effective change.
Get Unstuck - 'Anchor Collapsing'
a) At 1.45 to 2.10 she mentions, "she always worries", even if she's not worrying - she starts to worry her worries will come back!
b) Then at 6.05 - see the look on her face when I fire some anchors. Can you notice the moment that inspires her to say 'wow, it actually works!'

Fear of Snakes - 'Fast Phobia'
a) At 1.50 we had a "strong resource state" - a technical term for 'laughing a lot!'
b) At 7.10 there was a Problem. The fear came back - see how we handled it.
c) Then check out at 9.50, the process was done, and we got feedback. See what he has to say about about Trust and Money.

Khun Mark, I can’t thank you enough for not only a professional and caring week of NLP learning, but even more so for helping guide me out of 40 years of needless limitations due to a once thought-(framed)-to-be: “insurmountable-phobia”.
I just finished a jog in the pineapple fields behind my home where I never dared venture before... I thought of you and had a huge smile on my face the entire way as my superconscious reacted to a large - yet dead serpent - with curiosity and respect - without the once paralyzing and uncontrollable fear. With much gratitude, my friend." - Corporate Trainer


What Is The Best Course For Me?

Our five day NLP Basic Practitioner and five Day NLP Master Practitioner are full NLP international certification courses. They are specifically designed to give you the full range of all the core NLP skills in most efficient, cost and time effective way. Our core NLP courses do not include days spent on;
1) Hypnosis – some courses add 1 to 2 days
2) Time Line Therapy – some courses add 1 to 2 days
3) Sales and Negotiation – some courses add 1/2-2 days.
If you would like to study Hypnosis, Therapy and Sales to a specific professional level, we offer specialist courses, detailed to the left.

How Do You Have Five Day Trainings?

Our core NLP training delivers no less, and no more, than the core skills most people want. We do not ask you to spend extra time and money to touch on non-core skills that are better addressed in specialist classes. We are focused, fair, effective and time & money efficient.
Many NLP Master Practitioner courses spend a lot of class time on the Milton Model of Hypnotic Language Patterns. We cover Milton Model in class, but find after-course exercises more efficient and enough for NLP. We find it more appropriate to cover Milton Model deeply in our specialist Hypnotherapy training.

What Is The International Recognition?

Your certification as an NLP Practitioner with NFNLP is recognized internationally. The contents NLP training courses by worldwide recognized organizations are very similar – it is the focus, style and background of the trainers that make the difference.

Training Style

1) Instruction; tell how and why it’s done.
2) Demonstration; The instructor shows how every important technique is done, by working with a volunteer in front of the class.
3) Regular Activities; It’s your turn. Form groups of 2-3 people, and do it yourself. The instructor and assistant provide feedback and assistance.
4) Question & Answer; after the Activities, so questions become based on experience, not to delay action, theorize or make half-formed comparisons.
5) Group Exercises; to program learning’s into your subconscious, and connect with the group.


"Dear Mark, I want to say thank you for the NLP course. I did learn a lot and see the point of view in different ways. You are a great teacher and fantastic healer. I am glad that you are my teacher and healing me. "NLP" has given me a clear picture that my old chapter life is closed and I have a picture that another door in front of me now that going to be a new chapter of my life." - Sales Professional, Business Owner

"Hi Mark, Thank you for your support and inspiration. I can't tell you how much this experience changed my life... it was completely different from what I expected but ultimately was exactly what I needed to break through to the next level. The whole experience of having to trust 'strangers' and finding out we had such commonalities... I can't believe how much I had in common with the others. Wow. What a ride. I can't thank you enough for how much you have helped me, and I appreciate your support so much. Thank you so much! Thank you!!!!" - Senior Teacher & Educator

"We all enjoyed spending 10 wonderful days course with you! I love NLP and it has amazingly helped me in many ways. I got inspired to use it to help others as well. I am really keen to practice and learn more in the future." - Nurse and Health Consultant

"Thousand thanks for your great support and passion toward your knowledge sharing. I do believe we can be a good practitioner since we have an amazing and excellent teacher. I am ready for a Hypnotherapy course now!" -  Spa Healthcare

"On behalf of Senior Management, thank you for your work to make our NLP training so successful." - Management

Your Goals, Motivations and Outcomes

You don’t have to have complete ‘conscious’ understanding of why you want to take this course – it can be enough to have an interest that has taken you this far, so you can fulfill your curiosity and discover your true purpose while taking the class. Contact Mark about trainings from 2018, to check if your 1) Background, 2) Goals, 3) Motivations’ and 4) Future Outcomes really are suited to an NLP course.