Dating Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

1) Approach Anxiety. 2) Confidence With Attractive Women. 3) Dating Success For Women. 4) Fear Of Rejection. 5) Flirting Confidence.

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Relationships Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

1) Fear of Abandonment. 2) Feel Attractive. 3) Get Over A Relationship. 4) Get The Spark Back. 5) Insecurity In Relationship. 6) Jealousy. 7) Unrequited Love.

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Esteem Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

1) Be Yourself. 2) Dealing With Difficult People. 3) Inferiority Complex. 4) Positive Thinking. 5) Self Belief. 6) Self Esteem. 7) Self Esteem Insecurity.

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Creativity Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

 1) Enhance Creativity. 2) Writers Block.

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Emotions Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

1) Anger. 2) Forgiveness. 3) Grief. 4) Guilt and Shame. 5) Let Go Of The Past. 6) Self Confidence. 7) Obsessive Thoughts

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Sexuality Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

1)  Female Orgasm. 2) Impotence Male. 3) Last Longer For Men. 4) Libido Female Sexuality. 5) Libido Male Sexuality. 6) Performance Anxiety Men. 7) Porn Addiction. 8) Premature Ejaculation.

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Weight Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

1) Binge Eating. 2) Boredom Eating. 3) Comfort Eating. 4) Food Craving. 5) Exercise Motivation. 6) Great Body Motivation.

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Health Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

1) Blushing. 2) Drift To Sleep. 3) Power Nap. 4) Healing. 5) IBS. 6) Skin Picking. 7) Tinnitus. 8) Wine Reduction.

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Sport Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

1) Golf Putting. 2) Golf Swing. 3) Running Motivation. 4) Running In The Zone. 1) Sports In The Zone. 

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Motivation Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

1) Concentration And Focus. 2) Procrastination. 3) Stop Negative Thinking. 4) Self Discipline. 5) Self Sabotage. 6) Depression. 7) Overcome Worry.

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Past Life Regression - Upcoming

1) Past Life Regression - Insights. 2) Past Life Regression - Resolutions.

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Anxiety Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

1) General Anxiety Disorder GAD. 2) Panic Attacks. 3) Stress Relief. 4) Gambling Addiction. 5) Fear of Spiders

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More Hypnosis - Upcoming Downloads

1) Abundance. 2) Millionaire Mindset. 3) Charisma. 4) Fear Of Commitment. 5) Fear Of Success. 6) Fear Of Failure. 7) Mend A Broken Heart. 8) Muscle Gains. 9) Quiet Mind. 10) Save Money. 11) Teeth Grinding Bruxism. 12) Wake Up Early.

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