Fear of Flying

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Fear of Flying

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Fear of Flying. Hypnosis download to help overcome fear and move from anxiety to confidence with flying in airplanes or other aircraft. Including techniques from hypnotherapy and NLP. See the blog Overcoming Fear - Strategy.

Do you avoid flying altogether? Do you have fly but find it stressful, and use alcohol or pills to get you through?

Do you feel that since other people can be relaxed while flying, that you would like to be like too? You can decide to reprogram your mind with the appropriate level of caution and confidence with flying. For fear is reasonable and protective - you can keep that. But some fear is excessive and counterproductive - you don't have to be stuck with that.

This session acknowledges the role of fear, and helps clear the affects of any past difficulties with flying. So you can come to peace with the past, and let only the unnecessary excess part of that fear go.

Part of your mind had a positive intention to protect you, but it was unfocused with undesirable side-effects. Now we can speak the language of the subconscious to interrupt the old pattern, and create a new better automatic response. Now you don't have to love flying, though you just might, but you don't have to feel fear, knock yourself out or take avoidant actions around flying either.

Fears were installed in the subconscious, so now you can use hypnotic tools and your subconscious to be free of the past, and move forward into a brighter, lighter more free future.

How To Use

Listen around five times per week for three weeks. For more instructions see our FAQ's.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Two Versions - Short & Long

The download is one zip file, containing three files;
1) Fear of Flying Hypnosis.zip - 60mb
a) Fear of Flying Long.mp3 - 37.39 minutes, 36mb
b) Fear of Flying Short.mp3 - 27.35 minutes, 25mb
c) Instructions.pdf, 0.1 mb

The Long Version is the starting point, for the first few times. It gives more induction, instruction and detail, so you get the full picture.

The Short Version acknowledges your progress, so a sketch triggers the full picture. It's an edit of the long version, crafted throughout the whole recording. It delivers the same effective response, in a time efficient way. 

For more on versions see our FAQ's.

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