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Program - Stress

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The Stress Program is a collection of three hypnosis downloads, on various aspects of stress management. Together they make a complete audio MP3 program to have less stress and more relaxation. Includes 1) Less Stress Now 2) Get Past Stress 3) Relaxation. For one minute audio samples, go to the individual download pages listed below. 

Buy all three together for a significant discount. 

See the Less Excess Stress blog.

1) Less Stress Now

Reprogram your mind with the appropriate balance of stress and relaxation.

You can keep beneficial stress, but not excess counter-productive stress. So you can keep your edge, and have more real relaxation that makes life more productive and enjoyable.

The word ‘relaxation’ might sound too passive, or not fit with your style or achieving your goals. You can define what ‘less stress’ means. Maybe it is being more chilled out. What other words would you add to define what less stress or more relaxed means for you? Maybe it’s about being;

1) focused & efficient, or 2) calm, confident, at ease, or 3) free of anxiety and tension, or 4) patient and productive.

This download helps you connect with the way that suits you. It includes techniques to clear your head of self sabotaging thoughts, stop stress before it begins, and heal your body of the damage done by stress.

2) Get Past Stress

Do you feel like you have been stressed for years? Has there been a stressful episode in your life that is effectively over now, but continues to stress you to this day?

There can be events where stress is the appropriate response. Yet when the events end, we continue with ongoing continual stress that becomes habitual, so we and forget what it’s like to relax.

You can let your subconscious know that the events in the past are over, so we no longer need to keep them alive in our internal world. And we no longer need to keep behaviours we had used to deal with stress. 

This recording debugs a lot of conditioning that has built up over time and significant events. So you can choose to bring that period to a conclusion, and get back in touch with your more balanced self, for a more relaxed future.

3) Relaxation

Do you believe you can't relax? Or at some level, feel you shouldn't relax? 

You might enjoy the buzz of stress. Or at a subconscious level feel that it's not safe or appropriate to relax. Maybe you have a lot of responsibilities that you take seriously, yet there is a point for everyone where excess stress is counterproductive.

Have there been moments when excess stress and not enough relaxation affected your thinking, decision making, emotions or actions? Sometimes we have to get almost dangerously stressed before we decided to take relaxation seriously.

Are your relaxation activities actually other forms of often enjoyable stress, like alcohol, a lot of exercise or stimulating entertainment? You can make a change now, and decide you to include some genuine relaxation.

How To Use

Three Week Program. Suggested usage; listen to each title five times per week for one week, in this order;
1) Less Stress Now 
2) Get Past Stress 
3) Relaxation

Listen to the Long Version of each title for the first three times. 
Listen to the Short or Long Version for the next two times.

For more instructions see our FAQ's.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try our downloads with confidence, and without financial risk. We offer a full 90 day money back guarantee - see our Refund Policy.

Two Versions - Short & Long

The download is one zip file, containing seven files

    Stress Hypnosis - 126mb
1) Instructions.pdf, 0.1 mb

2) Less Stress Now Long.mp3 - 33.00 minutes, 32mb
3) Less Stress Now Short.mp3 - 18.57 minutes, 18mb

4) Get Past Stress Long.mp3 - 30.44 minutes, 30mb
5) Get Past Stress Short.mp3 - 17.11 minutes, 17mb

6) Relaxation Less Stress Long.mp3 - 21.03 minutes, 20mb
7) Relaxation Less Stress Short.mp3 - 12.34 minutes, 12mb

The Long Versions are the starting point, for the first few times. It gives more induction, instruction and detail, so you get the full picture.

The Short Versions acknowledge your progress, so a sketch triggers the full picture. It's an edit of the long version, crafted throughout the whole recording. It delivers the same effective response, in a time efficient way.  

For more on versions see our FAQ's.

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